5 Ways you can have an enjoyable family trip

Most Skoda car dealers ensure that costumers are comfortable with the car model they select. You will normally be offered with a range of styles to select from when you visit a Skoda dealership, like the Skoda Octavia, Kodiaq, Monte Carlo, or even the Sport Wagon.

These varieties almost have the same engine with the transmission used in both the manual and automated ranges. If you drive your Octavia to work daily, you must try to find a centre with a credible service bay.


On the other hand, planning for a weekend escape is not just restricted to making a schedule and bring food. You need to visit a Skoda Sport Wagon service centre first to make sure that your car remains in excellent shape. Having worry-free travel will make your getaway more memorable.

Below are different other steps you can try to ensure a safe drive:

  1. Examine the safety features of the car — Make sure that you and your passengers will be safe if any problem occurs throughout your journey. Examine the safety belt if they are pulling back and unreeling properly when bent. If you plan to have the airbags examined, you can get help from a Skoda Octavia or Kodiaq service centre.
  2. Bring an emergency kit for those foreseeable unfortunate events — Nothing may be more disheartening than being hauled up the side of the road unable to do anything. Before you leave home, prepare a box of items that can give an instant fix to your automobile until you can reach the close-by Skoda Octavia service centre. You can buy a complete emergency bundle from a vehicle parts store or establish one by yourself.
  3. Look under the bonnet — The majority of important parts of your car are under the hood. Open it and take a look at the oil and liquid degrees of the windscreen cleaning device, power directing, transmission and brakes. If the density or colour of any among the liquids appears off, let a reliable Skoda Monte Carlo service centre alter them.
  4. Analyze your tyres — Forgetting to examine the tires till they go flat is a big NO. Make certain to take a look at the wear bars to check if you require to change them before you leave. Check the tracks with a coin and inspect the tension with a scale. Make sure to bring extra tyres for your peace of mind.
  5. Examine the electronic gadgets — Horn, windscreen wipers, outside and interior lights — these should be entirely examined, preferably at a Skoda Octavia or Skoda Kodiaq service centre. They might appear excellent when you are just starting your trip but they can still be frustrating while you’re navigating highways.

Going to a competent dealership guarantees that you get your money’s worth. They similarly offer some advantages that you will never find in other places but by a certified Skoda dealership alone.

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