Cryptocurrency and Kinesis Money: Are They the Same?

Have you heard about cryptocurrency? Many specialists believe that cryptocurrency is the future of the financial system; while others insist, that cryptocurrency is nothing more than a bubble. There are reasons in favor of both opinions.

So, what is crypto? Crypto is just a software, a code built in a special way. The only difference between a cryptocurrency and any other software is that the former can be used as money. These details are every you need to know about cryptos if you are just an interested person.

what is crypto

However, what should you know if you are going to purchase a couple of crypto coins? First of all, in which cryptocurrency should you invest? Should it be a Bitcoin? Does any other cryptocurrency offer similar opportunities? Is it safe to invest in any cryptocurrency at all? All these questions do not have an exact response, but some details you can find on

All cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. So, you can buy just one coin of one cryptocurrency, and the next morning you might turn into a millionaire as it happened with some Bitcoin investors. Or you might purchase a couple of the most expensive coins and the next day lose all because the coins value dropped immensely.

It happens mostly because cryptocurrencies are nothing but code without any physical backup. But just think: if these codes are so valuable, even though physical backup is absent, how much should a cryptocurrency cost if it were backed up by some valuable assets! And there is such a cryptocurrency. It is called Kinesis.

So, what is crypto, particularly asset-backed crypto? It is a code, however, Kinesis explains it in a way that’s easiest to understand. And what is Kinesis? It is a code backed up by gold and silver. That’s why it is expected that kinesis money will change the monetary system once and forever. other cryptocurrencies, even such powerful like Bitcoin, will vanish and will be forgotten. Kinesis money will stay.

Consider one more important thing: in May 2019, Kinesis Money will be issued in the form of real currency. This is going to be a new step in a cryptocurrency development, that is going to merge two giant systems: real money and crypto-money.

So, which cryptocurrency should you select if you want to invest? Should it Be bitcoin? This cryptocurrency has shown itself as one of the most demanded and a very secure. However, its value depends on demand and trust of users only. That’s why it is very volatile. Kinesis money isn`t so popular yet. However, considering that it has all the advantages of a cryptocurrency combined with innovative ideas, this kind of money has all chances to become the major way of making operations with money.

So, the question “What is crypto?” might have responses with many variations. For some users, cryptocurrency is nothing more than a code, which is worth neither money nor attention. For other users, a cryptocurrency is a new form of money. Kinesis money though is a special form of cryptocurrency. This kind of crypto has a serious backup, hence, it has all chances to become a leader and with timethe only cryptocurrency that will be worth purchasing. For more information, visit their website at: